The Theory Test

It is very important that you set up a study plan to achieve your Pass.

There are lots of different books and Apps that you can use. We recommend the following books, which are available online or in good book shops.

  • Driving The Essential Skills
  • The Highway Code
  • Know Your Road Signs

There are only 50 questions in this part of the test, these are all multiple choice and you will have plenty of time to read the questions. You will need to score at least 43/50 to pass this part of the theory test. You can request earphones for this part of the test so that you can opt to hear the questions without disturbing anyone. The question bank is vast, however, a good study plan and support will help you attain a Pass.

Part of this test is the Hazard Perception test. There are 14 animated clips to watch. Each clip has one hazard that will make a driver, change their speed or direction, however, one of the 14 clips has 2 hazards therefore is worth 10 marks and all the others have a maximum of 5 marks. To attain the higher score you will need to spot the hazard as it develops.
The pass mark for Hazard Perception is 44/75

You MUST pass both.

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