The Driving Test

The Practical Driving Test will last approx 40 minutes, it will include a manoeuvre, and some independent driving.

The marking sheet can be explained to you by your instructor as part of your preparation for test day. Some Learners benefit from a mock test with another instructor to give you that “real” experience.

You will need to bring with you:

  • Plastic Provisional Licence
  • Theory Test Certificate
  • Booking letter/email from the DVSA

Once you arrive at the Test Centre you will be able to use the toilet and get a drink of water if needed.

The Examiner will call out your name and ask you to read a short statement to confirm that you are insured and legally able to take the test. While this is happening, the Examiner will check your documents. The Examiner will ask you if you would like your Instructor to join you on the test or be with at the end of the test for the result and debrief.

On the way out of the building the Examiner will introduce him/herself to you. Before getting into the car you will be asked to read a number plate of a vehicle to ensure you meet the minimum eyesight requirement.

At this point the Examiner will check the vehicle and proceed to ask you the Show Me Tell Me questions which your instructor will have shown you.

Once in the car, your Examiner will complete the marking sheet and will explain the test to you.

Your Examiner will give you directions in plenty of time and you can ask for the directions to be repeated.

The Examiner may complete the Marking sheet as you drive, sometimes, they complete the marking sheet at the end. Do not try and see what the Examiner is doing, concentrate on your Drive at all times.

Once you have returned, your Examiner will give your some feedback and your result.