How long will it take me to pass my driving test?
Everyone is different and we all learn differently. Some will pick up skills quicker than others and with this in mind it is very difficult to give an exact number of hours required. As a guide, you can use this simple equation, your age x 2 plus 20 hours of private practice. Please note, this is only a guide and some students may take longer and some will be less.

Can I drive with someone else to practice?
Yes, providing you have the correct insurance, your supervising driver is over 21 years of age and holds a full UK Licence for 3 years.

Can I drive with passengers while I am still on a provisional?
Yes you can, but you must ensure that the do not distract you.

Can I have music on during my driving lessons and test? 
Yes, but it should only be background noise.

I drive better in my own car, can I use it for lessons and my Driving Test?
Yes, this is possible. You will need to ensure you have adequate insurance cover, L Plates, an extra mirror and the vehicle is in good order.

What is Pass Plus and Do I have to do it?
Pass Plus is further training after you have passed your Driving Test. You will complete at least 6 further hours of driver training, covering subjects like, Motorways, Night Driving, County Roads etc. Although it is not compulsory, the training will extend your knowledge and understanding. We recommend Pass Plus to all drivers.

What is Black Box Insurance?
There are lots of insurance companies that offer this type of policy with lots of options on the Black Box. Some have night curfews, some do not. The box monitors your drive and some policies reward good driving with cash bonuses and some “fine” the driver for below standard driving i.e. speeding. Have a look at Marmalade Insurance.

Can I start learning to drive before I pass my theory?
Yes you can. Your instructor will also be able to support you through your learning. Your theory certificate will last 2 years from the day you pass the Theory Test.